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About Us

Simple yet elegant and exclusive. That’s our direction of producing a perfect collection for pastel lovers. We are one of the pioneer fashion boutique selling plain and pastel collection in Johor and Singapore. Hence, we are quite well-known amongst the Southeners.

Most of our collections are simple and appropriate Modern-Kurung collection without any heavy detailing and elements. Looking at our collection, most of our customers would be agree with us that it is less is more. Colour selection for our collections are mostly pastel colours due to the high demand from our customers across Malaysia. Baby blue, tiffany green, nude and lavender are among the pastel colours which received huge request from customers. We are also selling shawls and headscarves with variety of colours and designs; from plain, floral and boho. Normally, the materials we use for most of our Modern-Kurung collection are luxe crepe, chiffon crepe and for shawls, we use LV satin. The sizes range from S-XXL.